Stardust Visual positioning SDK

Map, train, update, locate!

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Deep learning algorithms

Most powerful localization algorithms in the market. Model is trained to predict the pose in a specific dataset (your maps). Centimeter-precise location without beacons, wifi or markers.


Unity SDK

Built for Unity developers by Unity developers. Build your own custom AR apps or use our complimentary app for rapid testing.


Hobodream framework

Iterate faster with Hobodream framework. Prototype your AR experiences in minutes and deploy them in seconds.

Stardust SDK AR demo screenshot

Works anywhere, anytime


Using any iOS or Android device, map your physcial space in a few minutes. No additional hardware required. Anchor content in space while mapping.


Update your map if your physical environment has changed (different lighting conditions, people, etc).


Let the magic happen! Generate the training of your maps, up to an hour for large maps. Our model is being trained to predict your pose.


Download your map on your device and click to relocate, accurately! navigate, enjoy 3D content, edit your persistent objects or build multiplayer experiences.

Why should you pick stardust

AR Platform

Just needs an RGB camera

Relocation works on any platform (native apps, web, smart glasses, drones, robots)

Machine learning algorithms

AR map update

Algorithms to manage changes in physical environment (light/weather/crowd conditions)

AR 3D objects

Online editor

No specific software required, scenes and 3D objects can be edited from a web browser by non technical teams. Designers can quickly add new objects into the editor and decide to share it (or not) with the other stardust users

AR Privacy

AR privacy

Everything generated or positioned in your map is yours, we don't share it with 3rd parties as long as you make your map private


Neogoma's SDK, called Stardust, allows hyper-accurate relocation with a single RGB camera, therefore being able to consume AR content at an exact location.

Use cases

Any physical business can leverage stardust SDK. Works in very large outdoor places as well small indoor locations.


Facilitate passangers check-in, bring information about facilities, guide them with visual navigation or promote special offers.

Shopping malls

Delight shoppers with convenience and experiences! Bring them to specific locations, let them discover new products, create magical moments.


Re-invent artistic tours with virtual guides, provide art information on spot or animate various artworks with 3D experiences.


On-boarding new students? Facilitating navigation for existing ones? Or letting students share their opinions on spot, all possible with Stardust SDK.


Nobody likes visiting an hospital for the first time, so making it easy to navigate and find their loved ones with a smoother visit.

Theme parks

Overlay another magical world on the top of the real one! Boost your IP while making it faster for visitors to find and enjoy attractions.


Elevate your guest experience with smooth orientation around your facilities and within a new district - new for them.

Metro stations

Take the line in the correct direction and find nearby exit! Waiting areas can be turned into advertising cash machine.

New ideas?

We couldn't figure out every single application, get in touch if we can help to bring your ideas to life.

Built with Stardust

Ar3a AR app with Stardust SDK

AR streetart

Immerse yourself in Augmented street art!

AR3A is an location-based Augmented Reality experience that animates street art in Hong Kong, in collaboration with famous local artists.

Coolhobo AR use case with Stardust SDK

Augmented shopping

Convenient and fun shopping experiences

Coolhobo uses augmented reality to inform, guide and reduce efforts while making the shopping experience fun, entertaining and social.

Your AR project with Stardust SDK

Your ideas

Augmented your physical world

Indoor navigation, large-scale, persistent, mutliplayers experiences, now is your time to bring AR to new heights, anywhere in the world .

You here soon

Who are we

Neogoma has been created by foward-thinkers - always on the edge, even during team building activities! - who were initially trying to solve physical retail pain points using existing technologies, such as indoor positiong technologies (wifi, beacons) and QR code & bar codes for product information. Realizing AR could be the perfect interface but nobody was providing a solid visual positioning technology, we started to build products that could enable AR at world-scale, for retail and many more physical businesses.

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